Alitress Passion Twist Crochet Braids 22" (Double 12-Strand Packs)

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    The Alitress passion twist crochet braids are ideal for those who want longer braids at 22 inches. Available in different colors, including red and purple, you will never run out of choices and pick the one that truly suits you and your personality. The braids are made to be soft, giving you a more relaxing and refreshing feeling each time you wear them. They are lightweight and do not cause problems with tangling, too.

    Category Synthetic Hair Braids
    Brand Ali Tress
    Style Passion Twist, 24 Strands
    Length 22"

Product Description

Each braid covers a section of the head and will require more than 1 double-pack to complete the entire hair.

Color Options

Color options shown above are for illustration purposes, and the actual color may show slightly different than shown above based on the style and hair fiber chosen. Each computer screen has some degree of color variations, and the colors shown above may appear differently on different screens and hence they should be used as a guideline, not actual color.

Customer Questions & Answers

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Yes, we do have shorter lengths for it! It is same product 12inch long crochet braids 12inch crochet

By Lady Tress on Oct 09, 2020


By Test on Oct 09, 2020

The color "OM1B/PURPLE" is currently available. Since we are promoting the product, it is really popular. We will keep updating the available items. Thanks

By Lady Tress on Sep 26, 2020

Yes, you can cut the hair shorter, but it may alter the look. Trimming passion feathers at the bottom may cause blunt look and loose the intended style.

By Lady Tress on Aug 07, 2020

It varies by person to person, but the general rule of thumb is about 4 bundles (each bundle comes with 2-packs of 12 strands) for an average person. Some people prefer using 5 or more, so it's all about your hair style.

By Lady Tress on Aug 07, 2020

The package comes with two 12-strand packs. However, you'll need at least 4 or 5 bundles of this product to complete your hair.

By Lady Tress on Aug 07, 2020

Customer Reviews


Based On 3 Reviews



Shanice L
(26 Jul 2020 at 18:22 PM)

Soft and perfect length

It's easy to install, lightweight, and very soft. I used 5 packs to complete my hair, and the length is 22 inches which reaches my lower back. I used OM1B/Purple color as pictured and it looks awesome.


Alyssa J
(07 Aug 2020 at 10:50 AM)

Fast delivery

Wow, I didn't expect to receive the package for a week but it arrived in 2 days. Nicely packed, and love the product. A+++


(12 Dec 2020 at 18:27 PM)


Daughter loves loves loves this product!!!!!

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